{time capsule letter}

given by Francis Leclair to Faye Leclair before boarding the Hogwarts Express 

My dear cry-baby Faye,

You’re off to Hogwarts. Sometimes, I can’t believe it myself. How did the most annoying little girl manage to grow old enough to go to Hogwarts? As hard as it is to admit, I’ll miss you. I wonder how you could annoy me so much and yet I love you so dearly.

Please take care of yourself. Always remember that your big brother will always be here for you. Always one owl away, remember? Don’t give up on your dreams, even if you won’t tell me what they are. For now, I’ll be working and you’ll be learning magic like I did. You’ll be a wonderful witch, you little brat.

Keep this letter in your heart at all times. I love you, little Faye.

Your big brother,